R2C filters keep our engines the cleanest!  We had no engine wear issues in our 2010 WoO rookie year campaign and no engine went less than 1000 between rebuilds. R2C Late Model filters stop more dirt and are simple to maintain!

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Austin Hubbard
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Track Control Carburetor Spacers






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R2C *Track-Control Carburetor Spacers

Stop Getting beat by crate's. Get out Front and stay there!     

Dirt Modified's finish 1-2-3 using Track Control spacers!


When you get beat out of corners on slick tracks, it may not be the skill of the other driver that's doing that to you!  Many of these teams are now relying on Track Control spacers from R2C for a smooth application of corner power while maintaining an advantage in straightaways.


For the days when getting a grip on a dicey track presents problems for even the best Late Model and Modified teams, R2C Track-Control carburetor spacers help solve the problem by applying smooth and consistent power to get you to the front. Take the edge off when driving out of corners and plant the power rather than blowing the tires off!

Holley 4150 Track-Control spacers are designed to limit power production and control torque by reducing bore size from 1.75" to 1.25".  In Dirt Modified testing, Track-Control spacers provide a power reduction of 55-65 HP with a corresponding reduction in torque on 675-700 HP engines.  Track-Control carburetor spacers are designed to maintain perfect A/F quality and booster signal. The venturi shaped profile also helps control reversion while the phenolic construction provides outstanding strength and helps control carburetor temperatures.

Every team should have one or two in their toolbox!


Now available in Super Tough Clear Polycarbonate and Phenolic versions!

*New - 3 throttle bore sizes available so you can select the the appropriate spacer based on track conditions or the system that includes all three!

  • 1.25"   Bore CS10500
  • 1.125" Bore CS10503
  • 1.00"   Bore CS10501
  • CS10504 Includes all three sizes

1 inch height.


A Mod's  - USMTS Type engines 675-700 HP

  • CS10500  60-70  HP/TQ. reduction
  • cs10503  75-85  HP/Tq. reduction
  • cs10501 90-100 hp/tq. reduction

IMCA Mods - 600-625 HP


  • CS10500  40-55  HP/TQ. reduction
  • cs10503  60-75  HP/Tq. reduction
  • cs10501  75-85  hp/tq. reduction


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