“I can see a tremendous difference in the performance and cleaning is a breeze, this is the best filter I have used to date.”

Jeremy Standridge
Standridge Motorsports


"These filters far out preformed the K&N and Napa filters we used in the past. Through on-track performance and oil sample test, the R2C filter is worth every dime."

Bobby Dauderman Racing


“We recently seen a 13hp increase on the dyno with the addition of an R2C air filter on our 600hp limited modified motor, the colormyracecar.com team will have R2C filters on all of our engines next season.”

Dave Hartman


“The R2C off-road truck filter works great and my crew is very happy about not having to wash those oiled filters! We were able to pull off a 4th place finish in the Governors cup race on Sunday using a R2C filter. Thanks again.”

Steve McCrossan
#33 Pro 4x4


“I would like to say thanks for making a filter that does what you claim. We run a DIRT northeast modified and I tell you what, it could not have been any dustier. We finished second 4-25-09 in part with your product. When Sunday morning rolled around, the first thing on the list was to see how well the filter worked. When removing the filters lid, it was hard to say what I was going to find. Where's the dust? Clean as a whistle. Thanks again for making a useful product available.”



After alot of research, I finally purchased a filter for our Late Model and could not be happier. We ran paper filters before and had to run grease on the cleaner and it seemed dirt still made it through. Now with the R2C filter we do not have to mess with the grease and our carb is cleaner. We will now buy one for our modified.
Lueken Racing #12


Modified Filters


I was a little skeptical about spending that kind of money on an air filter, until I used one. After I just finished my second season on it and it still looks great I think it was a great investment, it actually saved me money!!  Not to mention the performance is 2nd to none.
Darin Duffy
Modified Winner



R2C filters are working great! Our motors have been spotless when we have tore them down for a rebuild. We told our engine builder we have been using the R2C filters and he was going to start recommending them to everyone. The greatest asset of the R2C filter is just being able to blow them out and stick them right back on the car. No filter oil and no waiting for them to dry on race day.
I won a couple features this year in my rookie year with the late model.
 I also have won a few big mod races last year and this year. I won the UMP Nationals last year and won the Big Dawg 100 this year with the modified. Thanks R2C!
Jeff Babcock


Lucas Rookie of the Year Contender!


"I like to use the R2C filter! It's easy to clean and maintain at the track, take it off - blow it out - put it back on!  R2C has great quality and durability along with reliability and performance that can last all year.
That's why I only use R2C!"
Sincerely a big thanks for the help
Tyler Reddick
Late Model Racer



R2C filters keep our engines the cleanest!  We had no engine wear issues in our 2010 WoO rookie year campaign and no engine went less than 1000 between rebuilds. R2C Late Model filters stop more dirt and are simple to maintain!

Austin Hubbard
Austin Hubbard
Hubbard Motorsports


We use R2C filters on our cars because they eliminated the issues we had with dirt on the air cleaner base, in the carburetor and in our engines.  R2C filters are also easy to maintain. We can blow them out at the track and they're ready to go. No more filter oiling to deal with. 

Billy Moyer and Billy Moyer Jr.
Billy Moyer Racing


Plenum Dirt Issue is Gone!

"I used to go about a half a season and the bottom of my intake plenum would have dirt or basically just a mud consistency on the bottom and down the runners.  I was using K/N type oiled filters that need to be washed and re-oiled with dirt still getting through filter which created blow-by and rebuilds more frequently. My motor builder kept asking me if was cleaning my filter out enough. I then talked to you and tried your filter and it worked just like you said. I did not need any grease around the seal area of filter. I have used your filter for a full season and washed it multiple times throughout the season it has held up great.  I looked at my motors intake plenum at the end of this season with your filter and it was completely clean!  Your product works exceptional, it works just like you guys at R2C said it would! 

Ray Bollinger



I am just glad that I have finally found a filter that filters! And that is re-usable. I could tell right away that it worked much better. I remember trying to run paper filters over and over again. What a waste of time.  All I did was hurt my engines performance and it cost me who knows how many positions on the track because my car wasn’t as snappy out of the corners. I  try to race with the best equipment and R2C filters are unmatched!
                                                                                  Jason McCartney
                                                                                  Outlaw 1 Racing
Jason McCartney



We run R2C Products because when we change   engines there is absolutely no dirt in the intake
These Products are 2nd to none!
Clint Hatlestad

Dirt Modified

Clint Hatlestad



We started using R2C air filters and pre-filters on both of our dirt modified engines this year.  I believe your filters were especially helpful at Sharon Speedway, our weekly Saturday track. It is notoriously dusty and the dust is the gritty, abrasive kind.  A brand new old style filter seemed to clog up after just one show.  Then it was the cleaning, drying and oiling routine just to try and keep some sense of "low restriction.”  On top of that, we still had the air base streaking and dust deposits inside the carb as well.

After we switched, the routine became much easier, no more washing and oil.  Just blow it out and re-install. And the carb was clean and dust free!!   At Sharon, we even started blowing the filter out between qualifying heat and feature on really dusty nights. Before, we had to use 2 air filters, one for the heat and a fresh one for the feature.  Our engine builder was significantly impressed with how clean the inside of the engine was after a tear down at 1000 laps and has started recommending R2C's to his other customers.
We are very pleased with the quality and performance of your filters and it gives us piece of mind on the track that even in the worst conditions, R2C filters give us the best protection, and less restriction than any filter on the market.  Thanks R2C!!

Brokenstraw Bandit Modified


Team Jimmy's in the Winner Circle!

Won last Friday night with our R2C filters & base keeping us in the winner's
We went to the chassis dyno today & tried a lot for different things in the carburetion area & picked up some.  But the best gain was when we put on your New R2C filter top!!!   Wow! Wouldn't have believed it if I
hadn't seen it with my own eyes.  About 6hp & 5 to 7 ft lbs of torque.  Just
changing tops!  You never stop amazing us with your great development of
new products that are not just show items but bolt on performance.  

Again ...Wow!!  Impressive..

Sincere Thanks Jimmy!  R2C

Team Jimmy's


R2C Performance Air Filter Technology



Cotton Gauze Filter Media Engineers from many vehicle manufacturers have addressed engine intake air filter efficiency in multiple presentations and papers to the SAE. The efficiency requirement that consistently comes up is a minimum of 98% initial efficiency with PTI Fine test dust. Other than our PowerFlow Filters not a single product sold as "low restriction" met that recommendation. Not one! Testing, testing, testing ... and then some more testing. We tested everything. Media, pleat shape, pleat depth, pleat support etc. We didn't do simple flow testing either. We did complete SAE/ISO test procedures using SAE J726 and ISO5011 protocol.


Cotton Gauze media midcroscope




R2C has broken the barrier between achieving extremely high filtration efficiency while keeping filter restriction as low as the leading low restriction air filters. R2C has tested nearly every filter configuration currently available. That includes the most common cotton gauze filters from many different manufacturers, as well as cellulose (paper), and the various blended and "nano-fiber" products.
What we found was that low restriction invariably resulted in low filtering efficiency and high efficiency came with high restriction. Dust holding capacity (the measurement that determines how fast filter restriction rises when in use) on none of the existing products were up to our standards.
Of course, our standards are pretty high. R2C's Performance Air Filter products were developed by the same people that designed and built many of the military's vehicles engine air intake systems and filters. The same obsessive attention to detail and engineering standards that has gone into those military products have been put into every R2C filter you buy. You get the best-of-the-best when you use one of our products. The first thing to remember about an air filter is what it's designed for, and that's to protect your engine from damaging particulate. If it doesn't do that it shouldn't be on your vehicle ... no matter how low the restriction is.
Cotton gauze filters currently make up the majority of the low restriction air filters (see the section discussing cotton gauze products). When efficiency is addressed by these manufacturers, you usually find some qualifier with their claims such as "adequate for engine protection" and "meets manufacturers' requirements." There's a reason for those ambiguous statements ... cotton gauze filters aren't very efficient!


What the experts REALLY say.
R2C filters easily achieved that mark and then a whole lot more (see the Efficiency Explained section). We produce the only low restriction filter to achieve the experts recommended engine protection requirements for engine intake air filters.
That means that a lot of people that have substantial investments in their cars and trucks are driving their vehicles to an early grave using a low restriction air filter, and on their way to the car graveyard they get steadily declining performance because their engines are not being protected from excessive wear by the part that was meant to protect it. You could say they are loving their cars to death.


How we do it.
ISO 5011 test protocols in our own laboratory where we have two complete test stands. We tested everything on the market and we tested the same filter size and shape at the same flow rates and dust feed rates using PTI Fine test dust so that no variable that could influence the test results would exist and when we found that nothing currently on the market met our performance criteria we went to work developing a completely new product.
Changing the tests methods, the filter sizes, the air flow test rates and the test dust is often used to confuse or mask poor test result comparisons. If you read the other filter web sites if they discuss testing at all you'll notice that they either don't disclose the testing procedure or with close inspection you'll find that comparative test aren't on the same filter sizes or some other variable has been changed. We've been building and testing filters for a lot of years and we know that any variable in a test affects the outcome.
There is nothing else like an R2C Filter. It is a high loft, all synthetic fiber designed specifically for engine intake air filters. Unlike organic materials (cotton and cellulose) our synthetic fibers stay stable over its entire life. It doesn't shrink or degrade with time and exposure to harsh atmospheric environments. Since the fibers are synthetic, we can change the fiber size and shape to maximize efficiency and minimize restriction, so you get extraordinary efficiency and extremely low restriction (see the section on Engine Air Filters for an explanation on how this is done). The high loft of our filter media gives us exceptional dust holding capacity. In fact, we have almost 3x more capacity at the same filter restriction increases than our nearest competitor. For you, that means our restriction stays lower longer, keeping your engine at its peak output longer than any other filter available to you. In use a low restriction filter with very little dust capacity doesn't stay a low restriction filter for long.
Best of all, we think, is that we did it without messy, inconsistent oiling. To clean our filter, you just remove it from the vehicle, and blow some low pressure air from the clean side to remove the loose dust and then reinstall it. Your vehicle won't be out of service for a day while your filter dries and you won't have to worry about putting too much or too little oil back on.


Why is cotton gauze a BAD material?
Does someone have a bandage?
(Cotton gauze filter discussion)


During the course of our product development, we did a lot investigation on the low restriction products currently available to the auto enthusiast. Cotton gauze dominates this market and while all gauzes start out as the same white color, they then get tinted with various hues of oil.
There are red, blue and some green ones. We even saw one that was kind of orange (red gone wrong, maybe). One thing they have in common, regardless of their color, is they are all made from a material that was never intended to be used for filtration.
We were mildly amused by the descriptions some of these suppliers used to describe and justify the use of something other than a purpose built material for filters. Some counted the number of layers they used. Others described the gradient density of their layers, but the most telling was the one who proudly proclaimed their use of "medical grade gauze." We still haven’t figured out what that has to do with protecting your engine, but it might come in handy if you’re injured while on the road.
 What’s wrong with cotton gauze and what can do a better job?


The answer to that depends on what you expect your air filter to do. Being the old-fashioned type, we expect an air filter to protect our engine from airborne particulate and that means getting the highest possible filtration efficiency. If you can accomplish that at a restriction level equivalent to the gauze products, most people would agree they’d rather have higher efficiency than lower.


Washing Filters:

Many R2C filters feature a specially designed media that allows performance and efficiency to be restored to near new each time by simply using compressed air from inside out, making frequent washing unnecessary in order  to restore filter performance.

R2C filters feature a media that is fully compatible with washing.  Biodegradable cleaners such as Simple Green or other mild shop degreasers can be used. Simply place the filter in a light solution or spray the cleaner on the filter. Allow the solution to loosen the particulate and then rinse thoroughly. Shake the filter or use compressed air from the inside outward to remove residual water and allow a full day or two to dry. While the media may discolor, filter efficiency and restriction are not affected.

* Always follow the dilution and application time instructions for light cleaning as indicated by the cleaner manufacturer.





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