Sportsman Series Racing Air Filters

Sportsman Series Dirt Filter SSR10501

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  • Unmatched Filter Performance - eliminates wear causing dirt and extends engine life.

    1200 CFM Performance!

  • Compressed Air Trackside Cleaning - No washing necessary!  Blow it clean and it's ready to go.
  • The best race filter value in the business - eliminates buying paper filters after 1 or 2 races- Saves Money!
  • As is the case with all R2C filters - No Oiling!
  • Dual Sealing beads
  • Renowned R2C Performance and Quality


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R2C Sportsman Series Dirt racing Air Filters


Designed for racers looking for maximum horsepower and unmatched dirt stopping ability at an affordable price,  the new 1200 CFM R2C Sportsman Series filters take race filtration to the next level.


Each Sportsman Series filter is built using an advanced design media that maximizes every category of performance and eliminates the dirt residue found on air cleaner bases, carburetors and inside your engine.  The result is the most cost effective solution for teams that may not race 60 shows each year, yet rely on uncompromising air filter performance to eliminate premature wear and oil contamination.

Trackside cleaning is simple using compressed air from inside out and the filters are ready to go over and over again.  No washing is necessary to restore performance.  Sportsman Series filters offer race teams the best performance and value and will outperform any comparative filter in use today.



Unlike our Late Model and Modified filters, R2C 1200 CFM Sportsman Series Filters are constructed in a conventional configuration without media offset.  This eliminates any filter height issues and works ideally with low filter clearance applications such as stock cars with hoods.

Get your Sportsman Series Dirt Racing filter today!

  • SSR10500  14" x 3"
  • SSR10543  14" x 3 1/2"
  • SSR10544  14" x 3 3/4"
  • SSR10501  14" x 4"
  • SSR10505  14" x 4 3/4"
  • SSR10502  14" x 5"
  • SSR10504  14" x 6"
  • SSR10542  11" x 4"
  • SSR10521  11" x 5"
  • SSR10535  11" x 6"


Guaranteed to be The best dirt racing filter you'll ever use that's less than $50.00!


  Do not wash Sportsman Series race filters.

   Compressed air cleaning only.

* R2C does not recommend using an air cleaner lid with media incorporated into it.  There are several reasons for this.








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