After alot of research, I finally purchased a filter for our Late Model and could not be happier. We ran paper filters before and had to run grease on the cleaner and it seemed dirt still made it through. Now with the R2C filter we do not have to mess with the grease and our carb is cleaner. We will now buy one for our modified.
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Racing oil filters

High flow with maximum engine protection!




R2C advanced technology high performance oil filters have broken the barrier separating high oil flow and excellent engine protection.  Now race engines can experience unmatched flow rates with 15 micron multipass efficiency. The result is the highest level of engine protection available with less horsepower loss. 

CFD fluid analysis allowed R2C engineers to identify and eliminate race oil filter flow restrictions, allowing for maximum oil flow throughout the RPM range.

Designed for the serious demand of severe race conditions , count on maximum strength and durability featuring 600 psi filter body and end plate construction, along with the most advanced media technology ever created for race engine oil filtration. 

Easily outperforms other performance filters.



  •   Ultrafine particle stopping ability to 4 microns keeps engines clean

  •   CFD designed filter body, end plate and center tube for maximum, low restriction oil flow.
  •   Heavy-duty end plate construction

  •   Advanced technology microglass media for unmatched engine protection
  •   Ultra high dirt holding capacity

  •   600 PSI Severe Duty Can and End Plate Construction
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  • F: 708.366.3563
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