We use R2C filters on our cars because they eliminated the issues we had with dirt on the air cleaner base, in the carburetor and in our engines.  R2C filters are also easy to maintain. We can blow them out at the track and they're ready to go. No more filter oiling to deal with. 

Billy Moyer and Billy Moyer Jr.
Billy Moyer Racing

R2C Clear Air Cleaner Lid







R2C combines maximum performance and show car looks into the best performing air cleaner lids available today!


* Now even tougher with R2C's new, specially designed ultra poylmer!  

This unique composite now eliminates any issues caused by hydrocarbon chemical attack such as crazing and cracking.


  • Crystal Clear and Super Tough Ultra Polymer provides the ultimate in appearance and durability
  • CFD Designed to maximize profile pressure and velocity
  • Strong and flex resistant - Creates improved sealing over aluminum lids and won't crack.
  • Wont bend like aluminum or steel
  • Awesome looks to display your anodized and billet carburetors, components and R2C CFD and Anodized Air Cleaner Bases

      Wing nut/stud not included

Also available in black nylon/glass composite.

     P/N   AC10542     Clear Ultra Polymer

     P/N   AC10520     Black Composite Nylon/GlassFiber



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