Won last Friday night with our R2C filters & base keeping us in the winner's
We went to the chassis dyno today & tried a lot for different things in the carburetion area & picked up some.  But the best gain was when we put on your New R2C filter top!!!   Wow! Wouldn't have believed it if I
hadn't seen it with my own eyes.  About 6hp & 5 to 7 ft lbs of torque.  Just
changing tops!  You never stop amazing us with your great development of
new products that are not just show items but bolt on performance.  

Again ...Wow!!  Impressive..

Sincere Thanks Jimmy!  R2C

Team Jimmy's

Drag Race Air Filters

Drag Race Offset Media 5"
Drag Race Offset Media 5"

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  • The most powerful air filters in the world!

  • Black Series Race Air Filters are designed to provide the lowest restriction and maximum horsepower while matching OEM filter engine protection levels
  • The most powerful air filters available today!  40% More Air Flow than the next leading filter.
  • 14" x 3"         Round Street/Race Series Air Filter SSR10600b
  • 14' x 3 1/2"    Round Street/Race Series Air Filter SSR10643b
  • 14" x 3 3/4"   Round Street/Race Series Air Filter SSR10644b
  • 14" x 4"         Round Street/Race Series Air Filter SSR10601b
  • 14" x 5"         Round Street/Race Series Air Filter SSR10602b
  • 14" x 6"         Round Street/Race Series Air Filter SSR10604b
  • 14" x 5"         Round Street/Race Series Offset Media R10531b (maximum power when used with drop base)

                           11" Diameter Filters available






Drag race flow director

New CFD Flow Directors for Holley 4150 applications.



Contact us at racing@r2cperformance.com with questions or for help selecting of the best performing products for your application.


*New - "Black Hex Series"  Drag Race Air Filters


The fastest Drag Race air filters you can buy!

Race proven 1600-3600 CFM "Black Hex Series" air filters for increased power and torque.

40% more air flow than the next leading race filter.


R2C drag race filters feature the highest performing media ever developed for race cars that rely on air filters during competition.


Quicker and faster with an r2c drag race filter and CFD 4150 base or Flow Director? Dyno and track testing indicates the answer is yes!


Developed to mitigate turbulence and improve outlet diffusion while offering super low restriction and excellent engine protection. Testing has indicated results that equal performance without a filter and in many cases, actually improve performance.

When used in conjunction with our CFD 4150 bases, no other filter/base combination reduces raw edge turbulence, improves inlet flow and offers performance gains at this level.


 No longer is it necessary to compromise filter efficiency and engine protection in an effort to gain very low restriction and improved performance in Drag Race applications. R2C Black Series Drag Race Air Filters offer racers the lowest restriction levels and maximum horsepower over the life of the air filter while dramatically improving engine protection. Plus, the mess and inconsistency associated with regular filter oiling and harsh solvent cleaning has been eliminated.  While fully washable using biodegradable cleaners, R2C performance air filter maintenance is simple using low pressure compressed air directed from the inside surfaces outward and the filters are race-ready over and over again.

R2C Offset Media Drag Race air filters feature a proprietary and patented CFD designed media configuration that improves outlet diffusion and maximizes the distribution profile over the base. The result is significantly improved signal consistency to the venturi/booster.


*New - Black Series race filters:

  • Ultra Low Restriction for maximum horsepower - 1600-3630 CFM 40% better than the next leading filter
  • Unmatched Engine Protection - eliminate the dust that effects carburetor performance and causes engine wear
  • Simple Maintenance - Compressed air trackside air filter maintenance
  • No Oiling!
  • Long lasting - maximum performance season after season!
  • Maximum venturi outlet profile created by moving the filter media away from the drop base wall.

Black Series Drag race conical filters available in outlets to 6".

Advanced Performance media configuration provides Unmatched flow capability.  computer designed venturi outlet shapes maximize power.

Mounts to throttle bodies, tubing or turbochargers.

  • Turbocharger filters will not collapse under boost!


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