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R2C EXTREME Series Off Road Air Filters


Maximum dirt stopping ability without the restriction associated with gauze and paper filters.

R2C Pro Series Air Filters for Off Road Trucks and Buggy's provide unmatched engine protection and eliminate the issue of reduced performance caused by filters plugging and reducing air flow. R2C's advanced performance filter media is designed to provide maximum power and easy maintenance. Just blow the dust off from inside-out with compressed air and the filters are ready to go.  No Oiling!

Silt, dirt or sand, count on R2C's decades of sophisticated, severe duty military filtration design to handle it all while providing the lowest restriction levels throughout the event!

Available in all popular configurations and sizes including conical, oval, cylindrical and round filters. There's an R2C Off-Road filter available to help you get out front and remain there!

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 R2C OR10503 1  R2C OR10503 R2C CO10509 

R2C OR10500 1600BuggyKit 2 P1010017

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 Racing performance parts are sold "as is" without any warranty. NO IMPLIED WARRANTY is included. The buyer assumes all risks related to the use of this product. New vehicle and equipment warranties are voided when this product is used in competitive racing or on modified high performance engines.

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