Holley 4412 CFD Air Cleaner Base


R2C CFD designed Air Cleaner base For Holley 4412 2 Barrel Applications.


Maximum Horsepower for Holley 4412 racers!  8-14 WHP gains


After extensive R&D and dyno/track testing with top engine and carburetor builders, R2C  offers racers the best performing air cleaner system available for Holley 4412 and 7448 racers.


  • More Horsepower and Mid-Range Torque than any 2 barrel racing base available today
  • Precision Carburetor Air Horn/Choke Tower Fit - No more air cleaner base trimming and grinding!
  • CFD designed and shaped carburetor inlet - Improved Airflow Characteristics
  • Strong and lightweight construction that improves durability and filter sealing - Eliminates flexing and bent or dented bases.
  • Fits all HEI equipped engines

Requires offset stud


       Base P/N - AC10519

       1/4"   Offset Stud   P/N  R2C0629A35     1.625" Offset

       5/16" Offset Stud   P/N  R2C0629A36     1.625" Offset

      Use air filter R10522 or R10523 for Maximum Power for dirt track race cars.    SSR10600 4" filter for pavement racing applications.



 Overall Height 2.2"

 Drop is .200 below Flange


 R2C 4412 Dyno Testing

PIt Filter designed for offset stud 4412 applications

CF10506 (2)

Part Number CF10506


Contact us at racing@r2cperformance.com with questions or for help selecting of the best performing products for your application.


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