Won last Friday night with our R2C filters & base keeping us in the winner's
We went to the chassis dyno today & tried a lot for different things in the carburetion area & picked up some.  But the best gain was when we put on your New R2C filter top!!!   Wow! Wouldn't have believed it if I
hadn't seen it with my own eyes.  About 6hp & 5 to 7 ft lbs of torque.  Just
changing tops!  You never stop amazing us with your great development of
new products that are not just show items but bolt on performance.  

Again ...Wow!!  Impressive..

Sincere Thanks Jimmy!  R2C

Team Jimmy's

Pit Tuning FilterĀ®




Pit Tuning Filter®

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Don't compromise engine protection while working on your car in the pit Area!

 The same, premium quality filtration you rely on from R2C Competition Filters while on the track is now available while working in the pits.

The R2C Pit Tuning Filter® provides significant engine protection improvements over the plastic and aluminum hats that rely on mesh screen to stop dirt. Pit filters feature one piece construction and a molded top that makes installation simple and creates a positive seal against the carb. Fully washable, the R2C  Pit Tuning Filter® is simple to clean using compressed air from the inside surfaces outward. Protect your investment, order your pit filter today!
  • CF10500 Holley / Braswell 5" Flange/Opening - 3" Overall Height
  • CF10501 Braswell 5 5/8" Flange/Opening - 3" Overall Height
  • CF10502 Braswell 5 5/8" Flange/Opening - 3 3/4" Overall Height
  • CF10503 Holley / Braswell 5" Flange/Opening - 3 3/4" Overall Height    


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