Nissan Maxima Cold Air Intake Systems





2004 2008 Maxima Dyno Torque Data


Nissan Maxima Cold Air Intake

Fits 2004-2006

 R2C high performance cold air intake technology is now available for 6th generation Maxima owners!

  •  +12 Horsepower over a Fujita equipped 2007 Maxima with excellent torque gains
  •   Polished or stunning Black Nickel intake tube finish options available
  •   Incredible air intake sound without the annoying hiss asociated with part throttle acceleration
  •   Unmatched lifetime synthetic air filter performance and engine protection
  •   R2C cold air intake systems are easy to install and never require Air Filter Oiling!  R2C air filters are the best performing, longest lasting high performance air filters available.


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