Nissan 370Z Cold Air Intake Systems

Cold Air Intake System
Cold Air Intake System

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#1 in Lowest Restriction over the entire life of the filter
More Horsepower and Torque and Optimum Economy!

#1 in Engine Protection
Eliminate excessive engine wear and oil breakdown

#1 in Dust Holding Ability
HLVV technology stops and holds damaging particulate from entering your engine

#1 in Initial and Cumulative Efficiency
The best filtering efficiency when new and when dust loaded

#1 in Cleanability
No hazardous cleaners or oils required! Fast and easy, low pressure compressed air cleaning. Lifetime warranty!



Attention Nissan 370Z owners!

Would you like to improve engine breathing and acceleration without replacing the factory intake system?

Now you can provide free breathing for your 370 quickly and easily with R2C's new Black Hex factory replacement filters.

R2C lifetime Black Hex filters for Nissan 370Z applications offer flow rates 4 times better than any other 370Z filter while offering the engine protection you need.  Black Hex replacement air filters improve acceleration and allow your engine to work much less hard to breathe the air it needs for maximizing performance.  No Oiling!

Experience the Black Hex difference!


                *Now.. 4X The Air Flow!

G37 air filter high performance

P/N - PF10544

Nissan 370Z Cold Air Intake System


The CFD designed, dyno proven R2C Nissan 370Z Cold Air Intake reduce factory inlet restriction by over 50%, finally allowing your engine to breathe properly!  The result is an 18.3 HP gain and outstanding mid-range pulling power that carries through redline..

Specifically designed and engineered based on the demands of the sophisticated, high performance VQ37VHR engine and featuring the best performing engine air filters available, R2C Performance continues to set the standards for performance and engine protection. Nothing makes more power and torque and looks better than an R2C system!


  • Excellent 18.3 horsepower gain that begins at lower RPM levels and carry through to redline
  • Enhanced engine note - mild at part throttle and growls on demand
  • Sealed heat shields provide colder intake air for more power
  • Unmatched intake tube finish quality
  • Easy installation - No cutting!



  *Read - Do not consider cutting holes in your 370Z core support   Nothing to gain and plenty to lose!

370Z core support

Why damage your car for absolutely no benefit? 

R2C 370Z cold air intakes are available in mirror polished and black powder coat. Patented and proprietary R2C's lifetime high performance air filter technology delivers unmatched engine protection and efficiency. R2C high performance air filters completely eliminate the reliance on poor performing oiled cotton gauze.

Not CARB approved.  Not authorized for highway use in CA.


Select from these intake tube finish options:


  • Polished

  • Black Powder Coat

  • Black Nickel Plated

     Fit's 2009-2015 Nissan 370Z Models


     Replacement Black Hex Conical Air Filter P/N CO10509 - Order Filters Below

     Now available with R2C's new Black Hex Series Street/Race Filters!

      Systems normally ship within 48 hrs.


Filters are sold individually - order 2


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