Nissan 370Z Cold Air Intake Systems

Cold Air Intake System
Cold Air Intake System

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#1 in Lowest Restriction over the entire life of the filter
More Horsepower and Torque and Optimum Economy!

#1 in Engine Protection
Eliminate excessive engine wear and oil breakdown

#1 in Dust Holding Ability
HLVV technology stops and holds damaging particulate from entering your engine

#1 in Initial and Cumulative Efficiency
The best filtering efficiency when new and when dust loaded

#1 in Cleanability
No hazardous cleaners or oils required! Fast and easy, low pressure compressed air cleaning. Lifetime warranty!


Nissan 370z Cold Air Intake

Fits 2009-2011

No Compromise Performance and Engine Protection!

Part #CAI 10525 Cold Air Intake System

The new, state-of-the-art R2C Performance MaxxFlow Cold Air Intake System reduces factory inlet restriction by approximately 40%.

Specifically designed and engineered based on the demands of the sophisticated, high performance Nissan 370Z engine and featuring the best performing engine air filters available, R2C continues to set the standards for performance and engine protection.

Systems available in stunning, limited edition black chrome and nickel chrome finishes. Patented and proprietary R2C performance filter media technology delivers unmatched engine protection and effeciency. The PowerFlow air filter completely eliminates the reliance on poor performing oiled cotton gauze. Not CARB approved.


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