After alot of research, I finally purchased a filter for our Late Model and could not be happier. We ran paper filters before and had to run grease on the cleaner and it seemed dirt still made it through. Now with the R2C filter we do not have to mess with the grease and our carb is cleaner. We will now buy one for our modified.
Lueken Racing #12

Nissan 350Z Cold Air Intake



#1 in Lowest Restriction over the entire life of the filter
More Horsepower and Torque and Optimum Economy!

#1 in Engine Protection
Eliminate excessive engine wear and oil breakdown

#1 in Dust Holding Ability
R2C Performance air filter technology stops and holds damaging particulate from entering your engine

#1 in Initial and Cumulative Efficiency
The best filtering efficiency when new and when dust loaded

#1 in Cleanability
No hazardous cleaners or oils required! Fast and easy, low pressure compressed air cleaning. Lifetime warranty!


nissan 350Z Cold Air Intake

Intake Systems Fit 2007-2008 Nissan 350z Dual Intake Applications

Count on R2C Performance Products For The Highest Level Of Cold Air Intake Horsepower and Engine Protection Available to Nissan 350Z Enthusiasts. R2C Short Ram 350Z Intake Tubes Are Available in Polished, Black and Silver Powder Coats.


  • Maximum Horsepower
  • Unmatched Engine Protection
  • Incredible Engine Sound
  • Simple installation and Lifetime Performance Air Filters - No Filter Oiling Required!

Not CARB approved



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