R2C filters keep our engines the cleanest!  We had no engine wear issues in our 2010 WoO rookie year campaign and no engine went less than 1000 between rebuilds. R2C Late Model filters stop more dirt and are simple to maintain!

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Austin Hubbard
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Nissan 350Z Cold Air Intake Systems



#1 in Lowest Restriction over the entire life of the filter
More 350z horsepower Horsepower and Torque and Optimum Economy!

#1 in Engine Protection
Eliminate excessive engine wear and oil breakdown

#1 in Dust Holding Ability
R2C performance smart air filter technology stops and holds damaging particulate from entering your engine while allowing maximum air flow.

#1 in Initial and Cumulative Efficiency
The best filtering efficiency when new and when dust loaded

#1 in Cleanability
No hazardous cleaners or oils required! Fast and easy, low pressure compressed air cleaning. Lifetime warranty!


Race Filter Black Hex Series

      The Most Powerful Air Filters in the World!


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Nissan 350Z Cold Air Intake

CAI Fit's 2003-2006 350Z Applications

Maximum Cold Air Intake Performance and Engine Protection for Nissan 350z owners!

2003-2006 Nissan 350Z CAI 10500

R2C Performance Products introduces the highest level of cold air intake performance and engine protection available to Nissan 350Z and Infiniti G35 enthusiasts.

The new, state-of-the-art, R2C Performance 350z Cold Air Intake System reduces inlet restriction by over 60% when compared to other aftermarket intakes. High strength, polymer construction provides the finest thermal barrier to ensure a cooler, more powerful intake air charge resulting in increased power and throttle response.

The need to compromise flow and low restriction for engine protection is over! The proprietary and patent pending R2C lifetime Air Filter provides the lowest restriction levels over the entire life of the filter. R2C performance air filter media technology delivers unmatched engine protection and efficiency. The PowerFlow air filter completely eliminates the reliance on poor performing oiled cotton gauze. Not CARB approved.

9 HP Average Gains!

Now available with the new Black Hex Series race/street filter for even more power.


R2C 350Z cold air intakes also available with black nickel intake tubes.

Systems normally ship within 48 hrs.


Not legal for highway use in California.



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