R2C filters are working great! Our motors have been spotless when we have tore them down for a rebuild. We told our engine builder we have been using the R2C filters and he was going to start recommending them to everyone. The greatest asset of the R2C filter is just being able to blow them out and stick them right back on the car. No filter oil and no waiting for them to dry on race day.
I won a couple features this year in my rookie year with the late model.
 I also have won a few big mod races last year and this year. I won the UMP Nationals last year and won the Big Dawg 100 this year with the modified. Thanks R2C!
Jeff Babcock

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Mod Lite Racing Air Cleaner bases, Lid's and Filters!

R/C Racing Air Filters

Polycarbonate Show Car Bases and Lids in Round and Oval Configurations


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R2C Powers the R/C World!
More power, longer run times and clean carburetors and engines are reasons to switch to R2C's new Nano Fiber technology for R/C car applications. Never a need to oil. Just blow the dust off from inside-out and the filter is ready to go in seconds. Try one!
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Maximum Performance, Engine Protection and Value!
Not only do R2C filters provide the best engine protection and power, they're also the least expensive and easiest to use! Dirt car teams that rely on R2C technology have reduced filter costs to roughly $2.00 per race or less. More power,More Engine Protection and the Best Value! Get an R2C filter today!
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*New - R2C Mod Lite /Dwarf Car bases, lids and race filters
Now available! The best performing air filters and bases for Mod Lite applications. Available in black or clear and tough polycarbonate. Dyno and track proven performance gains. No more oiling! Blow the dust out with compressed air and the filters are ready to go all season!
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*New R2C Drag Race filters
R2C Drag Race filters provide the lowest restriction levels without compromising engine protection. Distribution profile improvements over the air cleaner base maximize the signal to the boosters, resulting in more power and consistency. When used with our CFD 4150 bases, no combination can produce more horsepower and torque and in many cases, quicker E.T.'s than without a filter!
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* Honda Civic Si Cold Air Intake Systems

R2C Helmet Filters for Fresh Air Systems available soon!

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