I was a little skeptical about spending that kind of money on an air filter, until I used one. After I just finished my second season on it and it still looks great I think it was a great investment, it actually saved me money!!  Not to mention the performance is 2nd to none.
Darin Duffy
Modified Winner

Mustang GT Cold Air Intake System 2005-2009

Mustang GT cold air intake R2C
GT system shown with optional intake tube highlighting.

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#1 in Lowest Restriction over the entire life of the filter
More Horsepower and Torque and Optimum Economy!

#1 in Engine Protection
Eliminate excessive engine wear and oil breakdown

#1 in Dust Holding Ability
HLVV technology stops and holds damaging particulate from entering your engine

#1 in Initial and Cumulative Efficiency
The best filtering efficiency when new and when dust loaded

#1 in Cleanability
No hazardous cleaners or oils required! Fast and easy, low pressure compressed air cleaning. Lifetime warranty!



lRace Filter Black Hex Series

          The World's Most Powerful Air Filters!

The Best Mustang GT Cold Air Intake you can buy...........2100 CFM Flow!

 Massive Internal Tube Volume and the new Black Series Race Filters make this system unbeatable in the Horsepower wars!





    • Maximum "Independent" Dyno Proven Horsepower! 

    • Cross Linked Polyethelyne Intake Tube Construction - 27% more internal volume with venturi shaped tube inlet for smooth flow.  Super cool intake charge!

    • 18+ Horsepower - No Tuning!   21 HP using the new Black Series filters!

    • Now available with Black Series race filters. 40%+ more airflow

    • Incredible Sound!

    • Easy Installation in an hour with basic hand tools.  factory support available. 

    • Unmatched Engine Protection - No Air Filter Oiling - Lifetime 1600 CFM Air Filter Standard.

    • Clean your air filter and have it ready to go in minutes by vacuum or compressed air. never spend a dime on maintenance kits.

      Guaranteed Performance!

      Made in USA


      Fits 2005-2010 GT



Outperforms any Mustang GT Cold Air Intake available today.

 R2C Performance announces the highest level of cold air intake horsepower and unmatched engine protection available for 2005-2009 Mustang GT owners.

Proven Bolt-On Dyno Gains of +18 HP and 14 lb./ft. Torque!   Even more with tuning!

R2C’s patent-pending Square Tube Cold Air Intake System Technology provides the largest cross-sectional area along with the most effective intake air distribution profile through bends. This new technology produces the highest levels of horsepower, torque and throttle response. Combine this with the finest engine protection available featuring the oil-free, easy to clean PowerFlow high performance air filter media and you have the best performing and best looking cold air intake system available for the Mustang GT.

R2C's massive internal tube volume and filter supports the demand created by extensively modified GT applications.

Tubes are shipped black without ribs and logo highlighted.

The Best Mustang GT Cold Air Intake available!


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