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Washing Filters:

R2C kart air filters feature a specially designed media that allows performance and efficiency to be restored to near new each time by simply using compressed air from inside out, making frequent washing unnecessary in order to restore filter performance.

R2C Kart filters feature a media that is fully compatible with washing.  Biodegradable cleaners such as Simple Green or other mild shop degreasers can be used. Simply place the filter in a light solution or spray the cleaner on the filter. Allow the solution to loosen the particulate and then rinse thoroughly. Shake the filter or use compressed air from the inside outward to remove residual water and allow a full day or two to dry. While the media may discolor and become light gray, filter efficiency and restriction are not affected.

* Follow the dilution and application time instructions for light cleaning as indicated by the cleaner manufacturer.




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 Kart Air Filters - Pro Series



No Go Kart Air Filter made today can match the dirt stopping ability or produce the horsepower of the R2C pro Series FiltersTry one.

R2C Kart racing air filters deliver unmatched performance and engine protection while eliminating oiling. R2C Pro Series Kart air filters feature a specially designed media that stops more dirt and makes more horsepower than competitive air filters as they begin to collect dust.  R2C high performance Kart air filters are simple to maintain trackside using 50-60 psi compressed air from inside out and they're race ready over and over again. R2C Go Kart air filters feature computer designed outlet shapes that maximize the distribution profile as it enters the carburetor. Count on our decades of military air filter design experience to maximize the performance and engine protection of your Kart.


  • Pro Series Filter Media - Stops and Holds Dust to .3 Microns
  • Unmatched Engine Protection for Go Kart engines
  • Dyno and track proven horsepower gains exceed the competition
  • Molded urethane end cap's and strong, hex filter screen for maximum durability!
  • No Air Filter OILING!
  • Engine Oil Analysis indicates the lowest silicon levels ever reported at 2-4 PPM.
    *Simple maintenance. Compressed air cleaning and they're washable too!  
       No need to have a box of filters to swap all weekend!


No oiled gauze filter can come close to the 99.971 efficieny offered by R2C Pro Series Kart Filters!

Try one today and experience the R2C difference.


    Thanks to all Go Kart racing competitors for making R2C your #1 choice for protecting your investment!


 WKA Approved

* Never oil an R2C kart air filter. The oil will severely reduce performance !

** Use caution when installing filters on selected ARC adapters as the diameter has been reduced and is smaller than  conventional 2 7/16" filter flange outlet diameter. Filters can leak between urethane and adapter.  We're creating a specific outlet for these adapters.

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Kart 1.25 List


 Applications for most Kart racing applications including Briggs and Stratton Animal, Clone, Flathead and other popular Kart racing engines.


Briggs Animal Kart Air Filter 1.25 inch Shaped Outlet  

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 American Made trim

American Made Kart Racing Air Filters

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