After alot of research, I finally purchased a filter for our Late Model and could not be happier. We ran paper filters before and had to run grease on the cleaner and it seemed dirt still made it through. Now with the R2C filter we do not have to mess with the grease and our carb is cleaner. We will now buy one for our modified.
Lueken Racing #12

Jeep Wrangler Cold Air Intake 2012-2015

Jeep Wrangler Cold Air Intake - Black Hex Filter
JK Free Breathing power featuring the Black Hex Filter

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2015 Jeep Wrangler Cold Air Intake

Extreme Series Off Road Intake System


R2C Extreme Series

Nothing protects your engine better!


Blach Hex Filter

The World's Most Powerful Air Filters

Jeep JK Power!


Finally, free-breathing engine power is now available for 2012-2015 Jeep JK owners.

2007-2011 Jeep JK Intake is Available as well Please call to Purchase CAI10556 


It's Now easy to Unlock your JK and get the power to pull, the power to pass and the power to climb. take trail riding torque to new levels, Making your JK a stump puller!


Let it breathe!  Help your JK engine to help you.

Your JK V6 engine is basically an air pump!

The factory provides JK's with basic, low cost and relatively ineffective engine breathing/filtering capability. The factory engine air supply is designed to be a compromise of many criteria.  Through extensive analysis, R2C engineers have discovered the impediments to feeding your Jeep engine with the air it requires to perform at the highest levels.  Now, this breakthrough, Black Hex technology allows your air pump to breathe all the cooler, cleaner air it needs!

The factory engine intake system has a great deal of restriction. Almost 16" of water grains are required to move air into your engine during high demand driving. R2C has reduced this level to 5.7" water grains on the manometer, a laboratory device which measures how hard your engine has to work just to bring in the air it requires to perform at maximum levels.  That's one-third the restriction of the factory air supply system! 

The factory system makes bringing air into your engine 200% harder!

Remember, we have designed sophisticated, military engine breathing systems for decades and now we can offer JK owners this advanced technology that separates R2C from every would-be "performance" company in this spectrum.

We design and build "systems" and don't use off the shelf components.  This system synergy integrates specifically designed  JK components that include criteria such as correct tube volume and CFD designed shape, intake temperature barriers and unlike others that rely on generic filter producing companies, we design and manufacture our Black Hex and Extreme Series filtration in-house.


Daily Driving:

The R2C Black Hex Advantage - Don't forget, free engine breathing also makes daily commuting much easier on you and your JK engine. Since it works much less hard to bring in cooler and cleaner engine air, you benefit from this improved efficiency. Free breathing can pay for itself at the pump too!


R2C Black Hex JK Engine Breathing Machines provide JK owners with the most benefits!

  • Unmatched power and torque - Nothing provides you with more engine intake air
  • Extreme Series - The best engine protection ever created for JK's - 99.981 ISO 5011 Rated Engine Protection!
  • Outstanding under hood enhancement - Looks Great!
  • Easy to install with simple hand tools - No modifications required.
  • Simple maintenance - No oiling.
  • Lasts as long as you have your JK for unmatched value.
  • Guaranteed to outperform!
  • Severe-Duty Off-Road version option - Stops and holds dirt to microscopic .3 micron levels, keeping engines spotless!

      Not eligible for use on vehicles registered in California

Watch the video illustrating installation and performance!

 Jeep JK off road


Regardless of your JK lifestyle, there is an R2C Engine Breathing System that's perfect for you and your Jeep.

    *Black Hex Series System  - for daily driving, towing, hauling, occassional trail riding and outdoor recreation and travel.

     *Extreme Series System  - for the most grueling, nasty conditions your Jeep may encounter like severe dust, sand or silt.






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