"I used to go about a half a season and the bottom of my intake plenum would have dirt or basically just a mud consistency on the bottom and down the runners.  I was using K/N type oiled filters that need to be washed and re-oiled with dirt still getting through filter which created blow-by and rebuilds more frequently. My motor builder kept asking me if was cleaning my filter out enough. I then talked to you and tried your filter and it worked just like you said. I did not need any grease around the seal area of filter. I have used your filter for a full season and washed it multiple times throughout the season it has held up great.  I looked at my motors intake plenum at the end of this season with your filter and it was completely clean!  Your product works exceptional, it works just like you guys at R2C said it would! 

Ray Bollinger

Sprint Car Injector Stacks 360 and 305 Engines




No 360 or 305 Sprint Car can be ready to race without the double digit horsepower and torque gains produced by the massive air entry profile that these revolutionary stacks provide.




Torque Creates Acceleration and Horsepower makes Speed!

R2C's new CFd designed "Big Mouth" Magnesium Alloy Injector stacks for 360 and 305 cars provide unmatched levels of both.


 Bolt on 16 lb./Ft. of torque!


CFD Intake analysis of Sprint Car injection systems illustrated the importance of a wide entry profile and a smooth transition into the 2 3/16" tube diameter in order to maximize performance and improve throttle response. The result is maximum corner pulling power to drive you out front and keep you there.

Elimination of raw edge turbulence at the Siamese area dramatically improved the flow path.  R2C's innovative 360 Sprint Car stacks offer racers unmatched performance and value. Independent dyno testing exceeds all current designs.


  • CFD Designed Intake Profile

  • Massive Entry Volume improves inlet restriction and Flow

  • No stack to stack cutting - Simple to install

  • More Torque and Throttle Response - Independent Dyno Gains of 16 Lb./Ft. of Torque!

  • magnesium Alloy

  • 3.20" Siamese Spacing

       Made in USA 


     Available in std. 2 3/16" ( 2.34" O.D.) and 2.50" O.D. diameters - 3.20" siamese tube centers. Check your injector adapter spacing.

     Requires R2C Oversize Sprint Base due to inlet size


   Hilborn 305 Stacks available soon.  Killer dyno numbers!


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