R2C filters are working great! Our motors have been spotless when we have tore them down for a rebuild. We told our engine builder we have been using the R2C filters and he was going to start recommending them to everyone. The greatest asset of the R2C filter is just being able to blow them out and stick them right back on the car. No filter oil and no waiting for them to dry on race day.
I won a couple features this year in my rookie year with the late model.
 I also have won a few big mod races last year and this year. I won the UMP Nationals last year and won the Big Dawg 100 this year with the modified. Thanks R2C!
Jeff Babcock

Hyundai Genesis Turbo Cold Air Intake 13-15




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You want the best looking, meanest sounding, highest horsepower intake for your Hyundai genesis 2.0 Turbo?


  • Unmatched horsepower gains from mid-range to redline - 1200 CFM Flow!
  • Awesome engine sound!
  • Great engine protection without air filter oiling!   Lifetime Performance Air Filter.
  • Easy to install with with basic hand tools!  Factory support available.
  • Black Hex Series Filter Option

        Fits 2013-2015 Models

Maximum horsepower and the finest quality finishes available. Cold air intake tubes available in polished, black powder coat, anodized and outstanding black nickel plated finishes! The #1 cold air intake systems for Hyundai Genesis applications year after year because Genesis owners realize they look and perform better than the competition.

Over 7 decades of designing and building the most sophisticated military intake systems gets you technology unavailable anywhere else!


R2C high performance air filter maintenance:

Never spend a dime on filter maintenance kits!

Once a year, use 50-60 psi compressed air from inside out and your R2C high performance air filter is ready to go over and over again. Can be externally vacuumed as well.  Fully washable by soaking in biodegradable cleaners like Simple Green,etc.  Allow a day for drying.

*Now available with the new "Black Hex Series" Street/race filters for unmatched power! 

Ask your dealer when ordering.


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  • F: 708.366.3563
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