R2C filters keep our engines the cleanest!  We had no engine wear issues in our 2010 WoO rookie year campaign and no engine went less than 1000 between rebuilds. R2C Late Model filters stop more dirt and are simple to maintain!

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Austin Hubbard
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Holley Dominator Air Cleaner Systems and Filters

Dominator Drop Base Air Cleaner System
Dominator Drop Base Air Cleaner System

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             Blach Hex Filter

The World's most powerful air filters!


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 Base Dimensions       Lid Dimensions

Contact us at racing@r2cperformance.com with questions or for help selecting of the best performing products for your application.



When space is tight, rely on our new 10" Dominator Air filters for power and engine protection. These filters will outflow many 14" and 16" models.


Shown with optional Black, Quick-Release Mount





R2C Holley Dominator Drop Base 2600 CFM Air Cleaner Systems


The only air cleaners specifically designed for the demands of holley dominator equipped engines!



Maximum performance and show car looks are now available for serious engines using Holley Dominator carburetors.

  • Maximum Horsepower and Torque - The lowest pressure drop high performance/race media available.
  • Polyethelyne Polymer construction - Cool inlet profile temps, lightweight and tough!
  • Excellent engine protection - High efficiency and super low restriction air filter media designed for Dominator requirements.
  • No Oiling! - Features Black Hex Race Media for long filter life and never oiled.  Easy to maintain with compressed air.  Washable too!
  • This system will outperform ANY air cleaner currently available for Dominator applications!

       * Wing nut not included.


Holley 4500 Series Base and Lid

AC10533 - 18" Diameter Drop Base

1.75" drop dimension

AC10534 - 18" Diameter Air Cleaner Lid

Available in clear or black - Add suffix "B" for black

CFD Holley 4500 Dominator Performance/Race Air Filters

SSR10651   18" x 3.0" height

SSR10652   18" x 3.5" height

SSR10653   18" x 4.0" height

Custom heights are available.


* This is a large , very high flowing filter system. 

Please measure carefully before ordering to determine fit. 

Refer to the PDF drawings for accurate dimensions.



2600 CFM oval bases and lids also available for Dominator applications along with our 11" diameter system for limited space applications.

CFD 4500 Flow Directors and carburetor screens coming soon.

 Tech or application questions - racing@r2cperformance.com

Air Cleaners & Filter systems normally ship within 1-2 weeks



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