We use R2C filters on our cars because they eliminated the issues we had with dirt on the air cleaner base, in the carburetor and in our engines.  R2C filters are also easy to maintain. We can blow them out at the track and they're ready to go. No more filter oiling to deal with. 

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Ford Fiesta Cold Air Intake

Ford Fiesta Cold Air Intake R2C
Ford Fiesta Cold Air Intake R2C Black Powder Coat

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Fiesta 1.6 Dyno Performance

Stock Intake

Horsepower  89 @ 5600 RPM

Torque        92 @ 4900 RPM


R2C Cold Air Intake

Horsepower  98 @ 5800 RPM

Torque       103 @ 4900 RPM


Add the Black Hex filter option for additional power and sound!


2011-2016 Fiesta Cold Air Intake

Factory Direct Pricing  - Call 708-488-8211 to order



Ford Fiesta Cold Air Intake



Unmatched power, Awesome sound and the best engine protection now available for 2011-2015 Ford Fiesta owners.



Get quicker 0-60 times than you've ever had before.

Awesome engine sound!

Your engine will breathe easier and work less hard during normal driving, often leading to improved MPG.

Squeaky clean intake tubes and super clean engine oil, protecting your engine better than any other CAI?

Simple to install and maintain.

R2C Black Hex lifetime performance air filter. Easy to clean and never needs messy oils that only cause more problems?


You get all of that in one box!



R2C's Ford Fiesta cold air intakes produce maximum dyno proven horsepower and torque. 

Bolt-on gains of 9.8 HP and 11.4 lb/ft. of torque using our standard filter and without tuning!


  • Computer Designed, precision Intake produces Unmatched power gains without tuning.

  • Simple installation

  • Choose from polished, black powder coat or stunning, black nickel plated tubes.

  • R2C Premium Lifetime air filters are simple to maintain and never require oiling. Washable!



Why do more Fiesta owners choose R2C?

 We design and build the best cold air intakes in the world simply to enhance your  driving experience and help make driving your Fiesta a gas!


So Get one and Experience it today!


 Not legal for Highway Use in California.

CAI10536   2011-2013 Fiesta

CAI10572   2014-2015 Fiesta  - Without MAF Sensor provision

 Systems normally ship within 48 hrs.

available with the Black Hex Series filter for even more Power!

 Contact us for international shipping costs.

  • P: 708.488.8211
  • F: 708.366.3563
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