Float Bowl Drain System for Holley Carburetors






Float Bowl Drain System for Holley Carburetors

R2C introduces our bowl drain system for Holley carburetor applications.

End the mess associated with jetting changes and metering block modifications. R2C bowl drain systems make carburetor work a breeze.  No more struggling trying to capture fuel as the bowl screws are removed, creating a mess on the intake and wasting expensive fuel. With a twist of the vale, fuel flows into the easy to use bottle, allowing you to return it into the carb bowl vent and you're ready to run.


  • No mess when changing jets or performing carburetor modifications
  • Saves time and money by capturing expensive fuel
  • Replinish the bowl by returning the fuel stored in the bottle for quick restarts.
  • Super tough titanium valve construction
  • T system and hoses allows both bowls to drain simultaneously

        Works great for use as a fuel sample inspection tap!



CBD10401 Titanium Bowl Drain Valve  - Qty. 1    $13.95

CBD10400 Bowl Drain Kit                                 $44.95

Includes: 2 valves, bottle, hoses and cradle


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