Drag Racing Air Filter




     Blach Hex Filter  

The most powerful air filters in the world!



Black Hex Series Race Air Filters are designed to provide the lowest restriction and maximum horsepower while protecting your engine from particulate and debris.

  •  The most powerful air filters available today!  40% More Air Flow than the next leading filter.
  • 14" x 3"         Round Street/Race Series Air Filter SSR10600B
  • 14' x 3 1/2"    Round Street/Race Series Air Filter SSR10643B
  • 14" x 3 3/4"   Round Street/Race Series Air Filter SSR10644B
  • 14" x 4"         Round Street/Race Series Air Filter SSR10601B
  • 14" x 5"         Round Street/Race Series Air Filter SSR10602B
  • 14" x 6"         Round Street/Race Series Air Filter SSR10604B
  • 14" x 5"         Round Street/Race Series Offset Media R10531B  (maximum power when used with drop base)

                           11" Diameter Filters available






Drag race flow director

New CFD Flow Directors for Holley 4150 applications.



Contact us at racing@r2cperformance.com with questions or for help selecting of the best performing products for your application.


Black Hex Series Drag Race Air Filters



The fastest Drag Race air filters you can buy!


Over a year of development on the track and the dyno has culminated in the release of the most significant media technology ever created for high powered applications such as race cars, high demand street applications and those that utilize turbochargers, as well as diesel racing vehicles.

While providing good protection from particulate, R2C "Black Hex Series"  filters for race and hot street performance vehicles offer flow rates unmatched by any filter in use today.  Black Hex Series race filters offer flow increases of over 40% when compared to the highest flowing filter offered by any competitor. 


*New - Black Hex Series Drag Race air filters:

  • Ultra Low Restriction for maximum horsepower - 1600-3630 CFM - 40% better than the next leading filter!
  • Protect Your Engine - eliminate the dust that effects carburetor performance and causes engine wear
  • Simple Maintenance - Compressed air trackside air filter maintenance
  • No Oiling!
  • Long lasting - maximum performance season after season!
  • Maximum venturi outlet profile created by moving the filter media away from the drop base wall.


No longer is it necessary to compromise filter efficiency and engine protection in an effort to gain very low restriction and improved performance in Drag Race applications. R2C Black Hex Series Drag Race Air Filters offer racers the lowest restriction levels and maximum horsepower over the life of the air filter while dramatically improving engine protection. Plus, the mess and inconsistency associated with regular filter oiling and harsh solvent cleaning has been eliminated.  While fully washable using biodegradable cleaners, R2C performance air filter maintenance is simple using low pressure compressed air directed from the inside surfaces outward and the filters are race-ready over and over again.

Stop relying on poor performing gauze filters.  21st century filter media technology has evolved to provide performance levels most thought were unatainable even 5 years ago!  If you race without a filter because that's just the way you've done things, we understand.  If you currently use a filter and believe using one improves the condition of cylinder walls, intake valves and keeps engine oil cleaner, you have got to try Black Hex!  It's just faster.

It's guaranteed to be the best race filter you'll ever use!

Attention: Turbocharged, Injected Cars, Camaro, Mustangs, etc.


Go faster.......Guaranteed!


Black Hex Series drag race conical filters provide the highest level of race filter technology for unmatched performance.   Available in outlets to 6".

Advanced Performance media configuration provides Unmatched flow capability.  computer designed venturi outlet shapes maximize power.

  • Black Hex Filters Will not collapse under high boost

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