Won last Friday night with our R2C filters & base keeping us in the winner's
We went to the chassis dyno today & tried a lot for different things in the carburetion area & picked up some.  But the best gain was when we put on your New R2C filter top!!!   Wow! Wouldn't have believed it if I
hadn't seen it with my own eyes.  About 6hp & 5 to 7 ft lbs of torque.  Just
changing tops!  You never stop amazing us with your great development of
new products that are not just show items but bolt on performance.  

Again ...Wow!!  Impressive..

Sincere Thanks Jimmy!  R2C

Team Jimmy's

Challenger SRT 6.4 Intake System




Attention Challenger SRT and Jeep SRt owners!

R2C is looking for local volunteers to help us with new product developments for 2016.

If you live in the Chicagoland area, we'd appreciate your assistance. You will be compensated for your efforts.

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Race Filter Black Hex Series

   The Most Powerful Air Filters in the World!

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Forget the Current "drop-In" filters here!


Like throwing a deck chair off the Titantic.  Removing the filter completely accounted for a restriction/pressure drop reduction from 16.0" to 15.7" W.G.  Big Deal.

We tested it.  If it worked, we'd build the best drop-in in the business.

An absolute waste of money and current drop-in filters degrade efficiency and restriction skyrockets quickly when they begin to collect dust. You've seen what the inside of the tube and throttle body look like when you've used them before.

Don't bother looking for a covered or sealed airbox either. This is veritable disaster. This car needs the entire volume of air available through the core support and other engine compartment areas.  Sealed boxes raise restriction dramatically and despite what you've heard, offer no change to IAT's.  The heat shield already has a cover - the hood.  It works just fine.

No speculation. Again, we've tested it repeatedly.


Challenger, Charger and Chrysler 300 6.4 SRT 392 Hemi Air Intake System



Why R2C's 1600 CFM+ Mopar SRT Speed Density Intake is Better:


·         Venturi shaped outlet and large volume tube for low intake air temperatures and increased manifold pressure - 1600 CFM+ flow exceeds the competition!


·         +20.6 HP at 5830 RPM   +18.7 Lb./Ft of torque using our Black Hex filter


·         The lowest thermal conductivity intake tube available today - Increased density results in more power


·         Heat shield designed and tested for the lowest intake air temperatures and maximum performance


·        IInstalls in an hour with basic hand tools and easy to follow instructions.  Factory support always available.


·         Made in USA



Initial Flow bench testing of the factory 6.4 intake system indicated relatively high restriction.

R2C engineers discovered 3 substantial flow issues and the result is almost 16" of pressure drop on the manometer and a lousy CFD profile.  

We designed an intake flow profile using 850 CFM, which is the demand of the naturally aspirated 6.4 engine at full throttle and maximum rpm.  

Then an SRT 392 specific performance street/race air filter was created to produce the ideal media velocity, maximizing airflow performance and incorporating a carefully shaped outlet to carry this velocity profile through the inlet tube and into the throttle body. This filter will flow 1600 cfm+ to support modifications such as supercharging.

These design features reduced the pressure drop to under 6"!  That's a 62% reduction in restriction when compared to the factory intake!  No black magic, no voodoo.  Just a consummate understanding that's derived from 5 decades of designing the most sophisticated intake and filter systems for the U.S. military.  Go ahead and call someone else that makes SRT intakes and ask them about pressure drop and the CFD velocity profile and what makes a Mopar system function well and see what they tell you.

Filter maintenance is a breeze using compressed air or a vacuum cleaner to service the washable filter and never worry about oiling.   Lasts as long as you own the car too.   

 Not legal for highway use in California.  Racing applications only.

No SRT system can provide more low-restriction air to your 392 and do it faster than an R2C!


The Best Mopar SRT 6.4 392 Cold Air Intake available today!


Now available with the new "Black Hex Series" race filter for additional power!



 Systems normally ship within 48 hrs.


 Not Available To California Residents


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