I was a little skeptical about spending that kind of money on an air filter, until I used one. After I just finished my second season on it and it still looks great I think it was a great investment, it actually saved me money!!  Not to mention the performance is 2nd to none.
Darin Duffy
Modified Winner

Challenger R/T SRT Cold Air Intake System

Challenger Cold Air Intake
Hemi Challenger Cold Air Intake

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 * Don't waste money current drop-in "performance" filters! 

They will provide virtually no performance gain and the efficiency (engine protection) when compared to the stock filter is reduced dramatically. In testing, a current drop-in filter reduces total intake system restriction by .3" W.G. No engine will even detect that minimal reduction in pressure drop. 

An R2C Challenger R/T - SRT Cold Air Intake reduces factory restriction from 12"+ W.G. to 5 .7"!  That's a significant decrease in total restriction and improves performance over any current 5.7 or 6.1 CAI available today!
























  Premium, American Made Performance Products!



  • Maximum Horsepower

  • Awesome Sound 

  • Outstanding Appearance!


Dodge Challenger R/T and SRT 1600 CFM+ Cold Air Intake Systems

R2C's Challenger Hemi Cold Air Intake blows the competitors away at Mr. Norm's Dyno facility!


Designed by the same engineers that build the most sophisticated, severe duty intake systems for the U.S. Military, R2C's computer designed Hemi cold air intake systems for Challenger 5.7 and 6.1 applications provide proven dyno and track horsepower and torque gains that exceed the competition while improving engine sound and filtration. Featuring the new standard of performance air filters, R2C manufacturers the only performance cold air intake systems that produce significant power gains and improve engine protection and efficiency over the OEM air filter. Plus, no filter oiling is ever necessary. Air filter cleaning is simple using a vacuum or compressed air from inside out as well as being fully washable using biodegradable detergents. No one has more performance intake design experience than R2C!

*Independent Dyno Bolt-on Gains of 15+ Horsepower and 11+ lb./ft of torque on 5.7 applications without tuning !


No Intake System Provides More Air To Your 5.7 and 6.1 Engine Faster Than R2C


  •   Incredible Engine Sound - Mild during normal cruise and unreal at full throttle!
  •   Nearly 30% more internal tube volume. Supports additional bolt-on modifications and tuning.
  •   Cross-Linked Polyethelyne air intake tube - Cooler Intake Air Temps for More Power and Response
  •   Unmatched Engine Protection.
  •   R2C 1600 CFM+ Lifetime Performance Air Filter.  No air filter oiling and no poor performing gauze filter media.
  •   Simple installation!  Take's an hour or less with basic hand tools.  Factory support always available.

* Tested at Mr. Norm's dyno facility with a variety of Hemi owners on hand to observe the testing process.


Why is the R2C Challenger Cold Air Intake better?

Many decades of developing spohisticated military intake and filter technology separate R2C from all cold intake system manufacturers. CFD and velocity profile mapping are vital tools that enable R2C engineers to maximize the profile width and reduce restriction within the intake tube. The patented, computer designed shape of R2C's Challenger intake promotes a wider profile and utilizes more internal volume within the tube in bends. 

Mopar Speed Density System Benefits:

  • More Power and Torque
  • Cool Intake Air temperatures
  • More Intake Air Density and Increased Manifold Pressure - ideal profile speed through the system.


Challenger Round CAI Intake System Tube Pressure Testing Image

R2C Challenger Intake System Testing


Part Number: CAI10529


2008-2014 Challenger R/T 5.7

2008-2010 Challenger SRT 6.1

Guaranteed to be the Best Challenger R/T - SRT cold air intake available!

 *Now available with the new "Black Hex Series" race filters for even more power and torque!  The highest flowing air  filters ever developed.

Over 2000 CFM performance!


Black Hex Series Race/Street Filter

         The World's Most Powerful Air Filters!




Questions or more information call 708-488-8211

  Systems normally ship within 48 hrs.



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