Camaro V6 Cold Air Intake

Camaro V6 cold air intake
Camaro V6 cold air intake

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The best performing Camaro V6 Cold Air Intake Available!


r2c Camaro v6 1300 CFM Cold Air Intake system!


More max horsepower, more mid-range torque, aggressive sound and the best performing filter available today makes R2C the only choice for serious Camaro V6 owners.

  • Maximum "Independent" Dyno Proven Horsepower!  1300 CFM Flow!

  • Cross Linked Polyethelyne Intake Tube Construction - 27% more internal volume with venturi shaped tube inlet for smooth flow.  Super cool intake charge!

  • 15 Wheel Horsepower - No Tuning! More mid-range to redline power and torque.

  • Incredible Sound!

  • Easy Installation in an hour with basic hand tools.  factory support available.

  • Unmatched Engine Protection - No Air Filter Oiling - Lifetime 1300 CFM Air Filter. Clean your air filter and have it ready to go in minutes by vacuum or compressed air. never spend a dime on maintenance kits.

    Guaranteed Performance!

    Made in USA


    Fits 2010-2011 applications


Outperforms any Camaro v6 Cold Air Intake available today.

No aquarium airbox look and no restriction increase caused by enclosing the filter with a second cover as used in some Camaro systems.  They don't work. We've tested it repeatedly. If enclosing the filter offered a benefit, we would have built the best closed airbox in the business!



R2C Performance CAI for 2010-2011 Camaro V6 applications.

Maximum horsepower gains for exceptional V6 performance coupled with outstanding sound and the best performance air filter your Camaro will ever use! 

Don't compromise efficiency and engine protection in an effort to add performance. Review the test results.

As with all premium R2C lifetime synthetic air filters, No Oiling is required. R2C produces the best performing, longest lasting filters in the business. Never spend a dime on filter maintenance again.

 Cosmetic blems available.

Click for Camaro V6 Cold Air Intake dyno tests:

Stock Camaro V6 Dyno Test Results


R2C Camaro V6 Cold Air Intake Dyno Test Results


Will not fit 2012 Camaro V6 applications due to MAF sensor change.

 Systems normally ship within 48 hrs.


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