Black Hex Series... The Most Powerful Air Filters in the World!

Experience The R2C Difference

When Unmatched Power, Unreal Sound and Show Stopping Looks Matter.


R2C Sprint Car Air Filter Systems

New Pro Series Media for Sprint Cars


Black Hex Series - Simply Quicker and Faster!

R2C Black Hex Race Filters

No race filter allows more air into your engine faster than the R2C Black Hex Series.


*NEW - R2C Valve Cover Breathers

Available in Black, Red and Blue Anodized Aluminum


The Best High Performance Air Filters for Dirt Modified Cars.

Out front with maximum power and engine protection!


2010-2015 Camaro SS Cold Air Intake System

R2C Performance Products

17 RWHP Average gains on L99's plus the finest street performance filtration available!


No air filter oiling or solvent cleaning necessary!

R2C Performance Products

Premium Sprint Car Air Filters and Base Systems. New oversize air boxes for maximum horsepower and stack clearance.


Maximum Horsepower Racing Air Filters

Late Model/Modified Competition Series Filters

The only competition air filters specifically designed for the demands of large displacement, high RPM Late Model and Modified engines.


The Most Powerful Air Filters in the World!

*New - Black Hex Series Race Filters!

Unmatched air flow for high demand street and track applications.


Performance Air Filters for Dirt Track Racing

Late Model and Modified Air Filters

The only racing air filters specifically designed for the demands of high horsepower Late Model and Modifieds


R2C High Performance Air Filters for Drag Racing

Drag Race performance without compromising engine protection!

Unmatched Horsepower and no filter oiling!!


Sprint Car and Midget Performance Air Filters

The new standard for Sprint Car air filters

R2C Performance Products introduces the highest levels of performance and engine protection for Sprint Car applications!


Cold Air Intake Systems

2010 Camaro SS Cold Air Intake System *17 RWHP Average Gain on L99's

Maximum performance without compromising engine protection. NO FILTER OILING REQUIRED!


Import Cold Air Intake Systems

No Compromise Performance and Engine Protection in Black Nickel

The new, state-of-the-art R2C Performance MaxxFlow Cold Air Intake System reduces factory inlet restriction by approximately 40%.


Mini Sprint air filters

#1 Performance Mini Sprint Car air filters!

R2C Performance Products introduces the highest levels of performance and engine protection for Mini Sprint Car applications!


Maximum dirt stopping ability for Off Road racers.

R2C Off-Road Racing Air Filters

R2C has broken the barrier between achieving extremely high filtration efficiency while keeping filter restriction as low as the leading low restriction air filters.


                                   Black Hex  logo

                                                          The World's Most Powerful Air Filters!  

                                                                        Precision Engineering ~ Uncompromising Style  


Big Power for Pentastars!   Cold Air Intakes for Challenger, Charger and Chrysler 300 Pentastar 3.6 V6 Vehicles.




Racing Oil Filters

maximum flow and engine protection !


15 Micron / 32 GPM Performance


Polaris RZR Air filters


Protect Your Investment!

Don't risk dirt entering and damaging your polaris rzr engines.


One of the first and most important things you can do for your RZR is to eliminate the factory air filter problems. R2C offers replacement, reusable air filters for the 800, 900 and 1000 models that eliminate engine damaging dust and dirt.

Stops Dust Dead....................99.99% Efficiency!

R2C Polaris RZR air filters offer unmatched engine protection and easy maintenance in a long-life, oil-free, high performance air filter.   Stops and holds dust to .3 microns!  These filters rely on military media technology and are designed for severe duty use.  R2C RZR air filters will outperform every competitive filter produced for Polaris applications.

They're incredibly easy to maintain too!   Compressed air cleaning and they're washable  for long life performance and value.

Learn More....

 Polaris RZR 1000 Performance Air Filter

 RZR XP 1000, 2015 RZR XP 900 and RZR 800 Off-Road, Severe Duty Air Filters.


  • Clamp on mounting for positive seal - ends leaking/dust ingress around the seal.
  • 47% Increase in dust holding over the OEM filter - maximum power throughout your ride.
  • 99.992 efficiency - Unmatched on fine dust. - Keeps the dust and silt out of your engine.
  • Washable and reusable - A Simple maintenance routine using compressed air or vacuum. Wash when needed. Lasts for years, saving you replacement costs.
  • No Oiling!



Jeep JK Cold Air Intake Systems

IMG 0639 c

R2C Breathing machines for JK's make more power and protect your engine.



Six Pack Air Filters

High Performance, Show Winning CA332 Reproductions

Six Pack Air Filter

Unmatched quality and 2000 CFM Air Flow - Reusable for Long Life.


Hyundai Genesis Cold Air Intake Systems

 4.6 and 5.0 Engines

Polished Tube with Black Hex filter upgrade shown!


Ford raptor Cold Air Intake System!

Maximum Horsepower and Unmatched Engine Protection

Ford Raptor Cold Air Intake

Black Hex equipped Street Version.  Off Road system available with Extreme Series Filter.


Challenger 3.6 Cold air intake system

Challenger,Charger and Chrysler 300 Pentastar V6 Engines.

Pentastar 3.6 Cold Air Intake System Black

Designed for 2012-2015 Mopar Pentastar 3.6 Applications

Black intake system with Black Hex filter shown.  This system will outperform any intake currently available for the 3.6!

Premium quality, outstanding underhood appearance and sounds fantastic too! 

Get your Black Hex Pentastar system today.

Our Featured Dealer is:   

Ghost Classic Performance



R2C Racing Air Filters

The best performing paper racing filters available today!

Paper Race 14 in Round Filter 01

 Maximum power and clean engines!



Holley Dominator Air Filters

Ideal for applications with hood clearance issues. 

One-Piece Design.  No Base Or Lid Required

Shown with optional quick release flush mount hold-down in black.   Availabe in heights from 2" and up.

High flow for dominator equipped engines!



Holley dominator air cleaner

the only air cleaner specifically designed for the demands of holley dominator equipped engines!

P1010175 b

*New - 2600+ CFM Holley Dominator Drop Base Air Cleaner System


R2C "Black Hex Series" Race/Street Conical Filters 

The highest flowing, most powerful filters you can buy!

Designed for turbocharged and high horsepower applications to outperform any filter made today. Show car looks and unmatched power! Up to 40% more airflow than the next performance conical.  Black Hex Series now available in all filter configurations.

 Black Hex Series Race/Street Filter

 Black Hex Series Conical Filters for Unmatched Horsepower

Replace your current cold air intake system filter with a Black Hex Series for instant power gains!



Dodge Ram Cold Air Intake System 2009-2012

gains 19.7 HP with the new Black Hex Series filter and picks up 2.5+ MPG !


Black Hex Series Diesel Race Filter Power Blows Them away!



Garrett Parlette 2.6 Class - Champion

Pulls 278 feet.  Beats the second place finisher by an incredible 62 feet.

Nothing gets more air into your engine faster than the R2C Black Hex Series!


Holley 4150 and Dominator equipped car owners - You now have multiple show and race air cleaner base, filter and lid options available!

P1010441Universal Show Base and Lid

Show / Race Oval air cleaner systems for single or dual Dominators




Maximum Cold Air Intake and Performance Air Cleaner Horsepower and Unmatched Engine Protection!

For over five decades, our company has designed and manufactured sophisticated, severe duty air intake systems and high performance air filters for military applications. Now this same technology and engineering discipline is available for race teams and high performance enthusiasts across the motorsports spectrum.

This ability to provide the highest quality performance air filters and cold air intake systems isn't something that developed overnight. For us, it came through hundreds of hours of testing. Our devotion to product testing and constant innovation has enabled us to create products that surpass industry standards and the standards of so-called performance filters on the market today.

So when you think of high performance and quality, only one cold air intake system and performance air filter should come to mind: R2C!

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If you're serious about race filtration and unmatched performance means something, as it does to these racers, there is only one choice.

The winning tradition continues in 2015

Congratulations to all R2C Base and Filter equipped winners!

Josh Richards

Randall Hill and Jeff Smith

Montana Dudley

Josh Richards

Hill Motorsports

Jeff Smith

Greg Satterlee

Jason Feger

Dylan Ames

Brandon Sheppard

Montana Dudley

Chris Garnes

Rusty Schlenk

Gregg Satterlee

Ryan Gustin

Bobby Pierce

Ryan Unzicker

Russ King

Jeremy Faircloth

Brandon Sheppard

Bobby Pierce

Ryan Gustin

Kenny Pettyjohn

Eric Spangler


Dennis Fraanklin

Darrell Lanigan

Gregg Satterlee

C.S. Fitzgerald

Brad Looney

Billy Moyer Jr

Rambo Franklin

Tom Maddox

Eric Spangler

Jeff Miller

RJ Conley

Darrell Lanigan

Tanner English

Dennis Franklin

Brandon Sheppard

Hill Motorsports

Ryan Gustin

Mike Spatola

Darrell Lanigan

Matt Miller

Bobby Pierce

Brian Shirley - Atomic

Darrell Lanigan

Jason Jameson

Jon Mitchell

Jeff Smith

Chase Junghans

Gregg Satterlee

Kyle Berck

Brandon Sheppard

Bobby Pierce

Darrell Lanigan Wins Firecracker 100

Mike Spatola

Tanner English

Eric Spangler

Bryan Shirley

Rick Eckert

Brandon Sheppard

Jon Mitchell

John Anderson

Ryan Gustin

Cayden Carter

Patrick Daniels

Billy Moyer

Austin Hubbard

Gregg Satterlee

Darrell Lanigan Sweep

Ryan Gustin x2

Jimmy Carter & Team

Devin Gilpin

Jason Feger $10k

Ronny Adams

Jon Mitchell

Shannon Babb

Billy Moyer Jr

Jason Feger

Rusty Schlenk

Darrell Lanigan


Gregg Satterlee

Trent Ivey

Bobby Pierce

Randall Hill

Dale Hollidge

Ryan Little

Brian Shirley

Ryan Unzicker

Plus many more!


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Randy Eller

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