R2C Sprint Car Air Filter Systems

New Pro Series Media for Sprint Cars


Maximum Horsepower & Unmatched Engine Protection

R2C Drag Race Air Filters and Bases

Unmatched time to RPM using the new CFD 4150 bases and center flow directors.


*NEW - R2C Valve Cover Breathers

Available in Black, Red and Blue Anodized Aluminum


The Best High Performance Air Filters for Dirt Modified Cars.

Out front with maximum power and engine protection!


2010-2012 Camaro SS Cold Air Intake System

R2C Performance Products

17 RWHP Average gains on L99's plus the finest street performance filtration available!


No air filter oiling or solvent cleaning necessary!

R2C Performance Products

Premium Sprint Car Air Filters and Base Systems. New oversize air boxes for maximum horsepower and stack clearance.


Maximum Horsepower Racing Air Filters

Late Model/Modified Competition Series Filters

The only competition air filters specifically designed for the demands of large displacement, high RPM Late Model and Modified engines.


Performance Air Filters for Dirt Track Racing

Late Model and Modified Air Filters

The only racing air filters specifically designed for the demands of high horsepower Late Model and Modifieds


R2C High Performance Air Filters for Drag Racing

Drag Race performance without compromising engine protection!

Unmatched Horsepower and no filter oiling!!


Sprint Car and Midget Performance Air Filters

The new standard for Sprint Car air filters

R2C Performance Products introduces the highest levels of performance and engine protection for Sprint Car applications!


Cold Air Intake Systems

2010 Camaro SS Cold Air Intake System *17 RWHP Average Gain on L99's

Maximum performance without compromising engine protection. NO FILTER OILING REQUIRED!


Import Cold Air Intake Systems

No Compromise Performance and Engine Protection in Black Nickel

The new, state-of-the-art R2C Performance MaxxFlow Cold Air Intake System reduces factory inlet restriction by approximately 40%.


Mini Sprint air filters

#1 Performance Mini Sprint Car air filters!

R2C Performance Products introduces the highest levels of performance and engine protection for Mini Sprint Car applications!


Maximum dirt stopping ability for Off Road racers.

R2C Off-Road Racing Air Filters

R2C has broken the barrier between achieving extremely high filtration efficiency while keeping filter restriction as low as the leading low restriction air filters.

New - Challenger SRT 392 1500 CFM Hemi Intake Systems.  The #1 performance SRT intake made today!
Infiniti Q50 Cold Air Intake Systems Coming Soon!
*New - Holley Dominator Drop Base Air Cleaner.  R2C offers the right Dominator base, lid and filter options to fit your application and increase power!  2600 CFM flow capacity!




the easiest bolt-on power for 4150 Holley applications you can buy!

CFD 4150 Base AC10617

CFD 4150 Bases are designed to provide the best transition into the Holley Main body, allowing boosters and main metering systems to work at optimum levels.  Also available for Holley 4412 and 7448 2V.
Eliminate unecessary inlet turbulenece and unlock your performance carburetor's true potential.

*New - R2C "Black Series" Race Conical Filters

The highest flowing, most powerful street / race conical filters you can buy!

Designed for turbocharged and high horspower applications to outperform any filter made today. Show car looks and unmatched power!







High Performance Eighth Scale RC Filters

  • No Oiling
  • Maximum Power and Run Time
  • Simple maintenance for long lasting performance!


*New - One-Piece Mini Sprint Race Filters

Odum Specialties 004

 Limited Time Special Offer!



*New - Scion FRS / Subaru BRZ Cold Air Intake


Maximum power, incredible sound, show-car looks and the best performance filter in the business!


R2C Karting filters Help get you out front and keep you there!


                                         Leading the Pack!

                               Get your R2C Kart Filter Today


The only air cleaner specifically designed for the demands of holley dominator equipped engines!

P1010175 b

*New - 2600 CFM Holley Dominator Drop Base Air Cleaner System


Holley 4150 and Dominator equipped car owners - You now have multiple show and race air cleaner base, filter and lid options available!

P1010441Universal Show Base and Lid

Show / Race Oval air cleaner systems for single or dual Dominators   


$2.00 a race to run the best dirt car filter on the planet?

That's right!  No need to replace paper filters after 1 or 2 nights or re-oil cheesecloth filters.  r2c is the best bang for your race air filter dollar.

Save time and money while using the finest perfoming air filters available today!   Try one today.


Click on the Race Filter Comparison Chart to enlarge

R2C Filter Comparison rev c




R2C 11" composite base and Lid

Image 1682 b



 *Attention "A" Mod racers!

Stop getting beat by Crate cars!

R2C's Track Control  spacers control output and provide smooth corner exit power while maintaining your straightaway advantage.  No carburetor adjustments necessary. Available in three bore sizes.  Bolt on and win.

Get yours today!





 Get Great looking R2C Racing T Shirts and Hats!

 shirt 1 ai

                                               Also available in white






Pro Series 2000 CFM Dirt Late Model and Modified Air Filters.

The most advanced air filters ever designed for high horsepower dirt car applications. Nothing stops and holds fine dust better while providing unmatched low restriction to the checkered flag.  Engine oil analysis has indicated the lowest silicon content ever recorded.


 R10522 2013 Model

 Clear Lid 1

*New...R2C's CFD Designed Polycarbonate Air Cleaner Lid       

 Looks fantastic and performance to match.



Maximum Cold Air Intake and Performance Air Cleaner Horsepower and Unmatched Engine Protection!

For over five decades, our company has designed and manufactured sophisticated, severe duty air intake systems and high performance air filters for military applications. Now this same technology and engineering discipline is available for race teams and high performance enthusiasts across the motorsports spectrum.

This ability to provide the highest quality performance air filters and cold air intake systems isn't something that developed overnight. For us, it came through hundreds of hours of testing. Our devotion to product testing and constant innovation has enabled us to create products that surpass industry standards and the standards of so-called performance filters on the market today.

So when you think of No Compromise performance and quality, only one high performance cold air system and performance air filter should come to mind: R2C!

Please E Mail Us for More Information: racing@r2cperformance.com





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